Paddington Home Renovation Design

Traditional character at the front hides the incredible lifestyle tucked behind this family home.

Paddington Home Renovation Design

Lifestyle plus is the perfect description for this Paddington home design renovation. Upstairs and downstairs has access to the best life has to offer. Right down to the lap pool with wading for the young family, this house is invites you to want more.

Count out the bathrooms on the plans for a real suprise, with a design ready for every personal need, Airbnb or shared living.

Date: Nov 2011

Client: Professional Couple

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5

Car Space: 2

Services: Design, Structure, Specification, Lodgement for BA

Floor Area: 310 m2

Land Size: 405 m2

Suburb: Paddington

Zoning: Traditional Character